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Charles in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Charles visiting Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I underwent heart surgical procedure, having 5 bypasses. I stayed home except when my wife drove me to my doctor’s appointment. She also had to drive me to the water plant I was operating for a place of business, helping to lift a heavy door so I could read the water meter and check the chlorine residual.

The next month I would walk about one-half block from home and back, then need to take a nap. My doctor recommended I go to the gym on a regular basis to improve my health, so I joined the local gym. After about 10 minutes walking slowly on the treadmill I was exhausted and on the machines they recommended for me, I worked with a light load. The thought of push-ups or chinning on the chinning bar was thoughts only. I was 78 years old and felt it, telling myself to be happy I could do that much. 
I attended a Bible Conference in the south part of Vancouver, Canada, and staying with a friend who told me about Toda's “Heart of Gold Formula”. At that conference I met Mrs. Chocyk, who was about my age and on whom the doctors had refused to do heart by-pass surgery five years earlier because they felt she would not live it through the procedure. Her daughter, had not given up because she worked until she found the formula for her mother’s health problem. This is the very same formula produced by Toda Herbal International, Inc. now.

When I returned home to St. Augustine, Florida I called Krystyna at Toda Herbal International and ordered a bottle of “Heart of Gold Formula”, and she explained to me that it would help my arteries clean up, as well as improvements in strength and endurance. She was a true prophet for by only few months, I could stay on the treadmill walking for 40 minutes at average rate and I could do 14 to 15 chin-ups and 25 push-ups. I took part in a chinning contest and did 28 and came in fourth in the contest and could stay on the treadmill walking at a fast pace for 50 minutes.
Now, I no longer feel like the old man that I am. I went to see my doctor and here is my present condition, for the doctor took me off all prescription drugs. Blood pressure about 125 over 65 to 70, my heart beat at ease runs 66 total beats a minute, my cholesterol total is 154, HDL is 53 and LDL is 89, trigs 57 and my physical ability is now 36 to 37 chin-ups or pull-ups, about 50 push-ups on the leg press machine I can do 25 reps at 510 pounds, on the treadmill, I can set it at 6 degree elevation and walk fast for an hour or more with no trouble. As my arteries continue to clean up and my health continues to improve, I plan to do 40 chin-ups or pull-ups. If this sounds like bragging, that is not my purpose. My purpose is to tell people that have lost hope in restoring their health to try Toda's “Heart of Gold Formula”, for Hope is ahead.

Charles Falkner, Florida, USA



At age 74, having survived two heart attacks, with blood pressure between 180/90 and 220/110, I was visiting hospital emergency wards on average 3 to 4 times a month; with my serious heart condition, I wasn’t offered by doctors much hope for continuing survival. They could not operate on me because I was too weak to survive a surgery – my heart was damaged to the point where it could not endure any invasive surgical procedure. In fact, I was prepared to die.


At 58 I suffered a heart attack in 1996. Tests were done and the doctor confirmed heart problems.
He prescribed several medications for my heart, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I always had low blood pressure prior to this. One medication was Baycol which I took for three years before finding out that it had been banned for the damage it could cause to the liver.

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I wanted to write and tell you about the wonderful results I've had with the TODA drops.

I've been sick for years with Hepatitis C and high blood pressure. The hepatitis is untreatable with Conventional Medical treatments because all the doctors were afraid the treatment might kill me because of the medical issues I have. Blood tests revealed my liver enzymes were high - twice the normal rate which meant my liver and rest of my body were under attack by the Virus and I was getting sicker...

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Dear Krystyna,

First of all want to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Heart of Gold drops. After 5 years of constant pain I didn’t think anything would help me. My Church family had been praying for me for a couple of years, and God answered their prayers through you.

About 10 years ago my right ankle and foot started swelling. It would swell on and off for the first 5 years. We spent $12,000 on tests and x-rays of every kind you can imagine, and they never did find out what was causing the swelling...

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My husband Len has been taking your heart drops regularly twice a day, and I must say that his general health is quite good. I can attribute it to nothing else, than the heart drops. It is wonderful product. Yes, and I started taking the HEARTofGOLD drops also. I find them so much easier to take than the other brands.

L & R Szczesny - Illinois, USA


Dear Chris,

I had a heart attack. The heart doctor told me it was very important to have an operation. My daughter checked it out and found a man who was taking your heart drops, and ordered some for me. I started taking them a week after I came home from hospital. I had great results. I also take them when I have slight pain in my arms. I thank God for the prolonged life.

Thank you.

Amanda Backland, Tennessee, USA

My father is taking "heart of gold" for 3 weeks now. And last week he noticed that he doesn't have any more headaches, and that his hands are not sleepy anymore. It´s very good news, isn't it?
Yours sincerely

C. García-McRae & P. Motta - Peru